I see meYo me veoJe me vois 我看见我Nakikita ko ako
“Literacy is a bridge from misery to hope.”
– Kofi Annan

Our Mission

The mission of “I See Me, Inc.” is to dismantle the “School-to-Prison Pipeline” by increasing the literacy rates in children of color by engaging them in literature that reflects their culture and mirrors their image.

Our Vision

Our vision is to have every student of color reading at or beyond their grade level.


Real Men Read

Promoting positive male images in this one-day spectacular event

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Just Us Girls

Engaging in important conversations with young women of color

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First Library

Donating books that reflect the culture and lifestyles of students of color

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Crown Me

We offer students a chance to EARN free haircuts by simply reading.

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Six extra minutes of reading per day can help struggling readers meet or surpass their grade’s benchmark.


Why are we here?

Literacy levels have been shown to have a direct correlation to a person’s success and likelihood that they will become involved in the criminal justice system.


Children Impacted


Books Placed in Homes




Books Read Throughout the State

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