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When Devon Frazier saw statistics for the children she teaches, she decided to do something about it.

“When I read that two-thirds of students that aren’t reading by 4th grade are doomed to the ‘school-to-prison pipeline,’ that sent chills through me,” said Frazier, founder of I See Me Inc.. “And to stand in front of our children everyday knowing that reading or their lack of reading could end with them in the prison system made me want to do something to change their lives.”

The mission of I See Me Inc. is to dismantle the pipeline by increasing the literacy rates in children of color by engaging them in literature which reflects their culture and mirrors their image.

One of the organization’s initiatives is ‘Real Men Read’ — where students not only have the opportunity to engage with a book but with men who have volunteered to read with them.

You can find hope in a book, especially when it’s been held by someone you can look up to.

Learn more about Frazier and why she is a WVTM 13 Project CommUNITY Champion in the video above.