Real Men Read

Real Men Read brings men from throughout the community into schools to read to male students in a spectacular one-day event. It promotes a positive educational image to students and allows them to engage with successful male role models through books and reading.

Just Us Girls

Just Us Girls uses literature to stimulate and engage important conversations among young women of color. The literature and activities are connected in a way that allow these young women to view themselves as empowered, confident and valued.

First Library

1st Library ensures every child in need has books in their home by helping them create their first home library. Using books donated to the “I See Me Book Drive” and shelves built and donated by a local DIY store, the program builds early readers into lifelong learners—and encourages other family members to read as well.

Crown Me

“Crown Me”, offers students from local elementary schools a chance to EARN free haircuts by simply reading. Named after the children’s book “Crown: An Ode to the Fresh Cut” by Derrick Barnes, is an effort to motivate as well as attach a positive sense to reading to male students. Each student that is involved will receive a free book at the beginning of each month. Once a month, students will share their reading mastery with the barber in an attempt to be “crowned” with a free haircut to celebrate their success.